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Karim performs with passion and conviction, with his commanding stage presence and charisma, allowing his audience to be truly connected while they listen to his combination of carefully crafted lyrics, soulful melodies and honest emotions. He began to follow his passion for music at a very young age. Taking music lessons, singing in ritual worship gatherings, crafting the art of music composition and song writing have all helped him realize that pursuing music truly is his heart's desire. He was born and raised in Pakistan, educated in England and Canada, and chose Canada as his permanent home; indeed, he takes pride in his multi-cultural heritage.

Performance Testimonials and Feedback:

Maria Dunn: Professional Juno Award Nominee Musician

" Beautiful show, wonderful music - an absolute treat. Congratulations Karim and everyone else involved onstage and behind the scenes!!"

Brian Webb: Edmonton Arts Council!

"Congratulations on your concert and CD launch last evening. I thought the performance was really beautiful, the ensemble of very high quality Once again hearty congratulations! Outstanding Performance!"

Denice Benett: Classical Musician

"We enjoyed your fabulous concert last night. Congratulations on this huge success. Thank you for such a gracious, spirited, yet reflective evening. Thanks go out as well to your Sufi ensemble who all proved to be excellent musicians. We have been enjoying your CD today. Much success is surely yours".

Jonathan Kertzer: Director of Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology

"Great concert Karim! What an achievement! All your musicians were exceptional, truly enjoyed the show, many congratulations to everyone!"

Dolly Bandali and Abdul Mardhani: Multi-Cultural Program Organizers in Edmonton, Canada

"Karim the program was fantastic! People had nothing but praise. Musicians were outstanding, loved the way you have provided explanation for each song. Please convey my love to Sufi ensemble they are amazing and extremely talented musicians!" Loved the CD very much"

Professor Regula Qureshi: University of Alberta

"It was a beautiful evening Karim, thank you very much! Sufi ensemble is an amazing effort of extremely talented musicians from University of Alberta and especially from the department of Ethnomusicology! Your CD launch and performance of each songs were exceptional, hearty congratulations to you and everyone in your team"

Original Music Albums Worldwide Released:


  1. Jhoom Jhoom: Celebration of A Lifetime! In 2008, Edmonton, Canada.

  2. Raah-e-Ishq: The Path of Love in 2014, Edmonton, Canada.

  3. Voice of the Soul: Ruh ki Aawaz in 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya.

  4. Masti-e-Tariqat: The Path of Ecstasy in 2018, Edmonton, Canada.


Selected Live Performances:


2019 Voices of Inspiration: Journey of the Soul Concert, Nairobi, Kenya

2018 Light upon Light: Mystical Journey, Nairobi, Kenya

2017 Voice of the Soul Album Release: Nairobi, Kenya

2016 TEDx Calgary (r)Evolution, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary.

2015 Enchanting Sufi Music Concert, Agha Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada.

2015 Enchanting Sufi Music Concert, Ismaili Jamatkhana, Ottawa, Canada.

2014 Indian Music Ensemble Concert, Convocation Hall University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

2014 Raah-E-Ishq CD Launch, EPL Stanley Milner Theatre, Edmonton, Canada.

2014 Raah-E-Ishq Calgary CD Launch, Calgary EPCOR Centre, Calgary, Canada.

2014 PRISM by Department of Music at University of Alberta, Winspear Centre for Performing Arts, Edmonton, Canada.

2014 Unity in Diversity, Arden Theatre, St. Albert, Canada.

2014 4th Annual Multi-faith Music and Dance Performance, Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, Canada.

2013 3rd Annual Multi-faith Music and Dance Performance, Edmonton City Hall, Edmonton, Canada.

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